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FamilyLife Medical Services

Through our FamilyLife Medical Services, we offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and accurate information on pregnancy, fetal development, and abortion procedures and risks.

Partnering with our nurses, client advocates provide confidential options counseling to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test & Options Counseling

Your first visit to our center is probably to determine whether or not you are pregnant. At this time you will meet one on one with one of our client advocates. She will take a brief medical history then assist you to perform a pregnancy test. You will have the results within minutes.

If your pregnancy test is positive your advocate will discuss with you the three different options you have to consider. She will take all the time needed to answer whatever questions you have and send you home with several brochures that can help you continue your decision making process. If you need pregnancy verification for Job and Family Services we can provide that for you as well.

Limited Obstetric Ultrasound

FamilyLife Medical Services offers ultrasound scanning to confirm the location and presence of a viable pregnancy and determine gestational age.

Resources & Referrals

Because we specialize in assisting women with unplanned pregnancies we have established many connections in our community with helpful resources. Everything from help filling out Medicaid forms, to referrals to health care providers to housing to clothing and diapers. We can help you find the support you need!

Possibly pregnant?

You have options. We can help!

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