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Parenting Programs

Classes, education and support for moms and families

Earn While You Learn

Earn While You learn is an independent learning program for busy young women or men.  We partner with BrightCourse to bring you accessible and real lessons that cover pregnancy, infancy, toddlers, parenting, life skills, and more.  You will earn “Baby Bucks” for each thing you do to spend in the Baby Boutique.  You will be paired with a client advocate and meet as you are available to complete the classes you wish to do.

Material Aid

Clients who participate in at least 4 classes can earn a new crib with a mattress or pack 'n play.  Clients can choose from over 100 lessons through our BrightCourse program.

Our Car Seat Program is for single moms and parents who are on special services and are in need of a car seat. To receive the car seat, you will take our BrightCourse car seat safety lesson and choose 2 other classes to take.  About 1 month before your baby is due we will order the car seat and then you will go to the Fire Department where a certified car seat specialist will install the car seat for the first time.

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