What We Offer

"The FLC has went above my expectations as an expecting mother. From the easy scheduling of test and ultrasound to the amazing comfort of the appointment."



Your first visit to our center is probably to determine whether or not you are pregnant. At this time you will meet one on one with one of our client advocates. She will take a brief medical history then assist you to perform a pregnancy test. You will have the results within minutes.



Family Life Center offers a limited ultrasound scanning to confirm the location and presence of a viable pregnancy and determine gestational age.  These are performed by licensed sonographers or OBGYNs.  The scans will be sent to our medical director to sign off on.



Wondering if you or your partner may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease?  Both women and men can receive a FREE STD test.  We can test for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. It's free and confidential.



If your pregnancy test is positive, your advocate will discuss with you the three different options you have to consider. She will take all the time needed to answer whatever questions you have and send you home with several brochures that can help you continue your decision making process. If you need pregnancy verification for Job and Family Services we can provide that for you as well.


Our Baby Boutique is open to the public.  There are many new and gently used items available such as: baby clothing, maternity clothing, diapers, blankets, books, toys, and strollers. We receive donations to the boutique daily so there are always plenty of new items available. 

"The shopping center out front is so amazing. I have never once felt judged by any of the staff or the other wonderful people who also utilize the amazing resources they offer!"



Our 24/7 Option Line is available to take you call at any time of the day or night.  Help is just a call away.

Call 1-800-712-4357 or

Text “HELPLINE” to 313131



Because we specialize in assisting women with unplanned pregnancies we have established many connections in our community with helpful resources. Everything from help filling out Medicaid forms, to referrals to health care providers to housing to clothing and diapers. We can help you find the support you need!

Mentoring & Support

We offer individual and group classes providing the on-going support, education, and encouragement that parents need as they prepare for a parenthood.

Post-Abortion Help

We use Concepts of Truth International that sponsors the National Hotline for Abortion Recovery. (1-866-482-LIFE) 24/7 for free confidential care. They help individuals overcome the emotional trauma and spiritual issues that many women experience after an abortion. Specially trained advocates lead women through the process of forgiveness and restoration. They also sponsor Recovery weekends for post abortion women.